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BinghamTone Guitars & Amps
Repairs can be dropped off during regular business hours.
Repairs are completed in chronological order and according to work flow. Turnaround time can vary.
Our primary goal is to repair your instrument correctly the first time.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Do I need to call before I drop off my repair?
No. We do not make appointments, and we do not diagnose over the phone. Please bring in your repair during Business hours.

Do you offer a warranty on your repairs?
Yes, we offer 30 days from the date of pick-up. This covers work we do, and not an overall blanket warranty on the instrument.

You worked on my _______ a few years ago, do you remember?
While we do keep accurate computerized records of service, we work on 500+ Guitars a year and 200+ Amps a year. If you are interested in the details of a repair, please ask when picking up the item.

I have a gig in 2 days. Can you fast-track my repair?
No. We work chronologically, and that would not be fair to the customers willing to wait patiently for our service. Think of us as Specialty Surgeons, not an Emergency Room.

Can I trade merchandise against the cost of a repair?
Yes. We welcome trades against repair costs.

How long will my repair take?
That all depends on what it is, what it needs, availability of parts, time of the year, etc. We will give a time and cost estimate during the drop off process. We do delineate between REPAIRS and RESTORATIONS, with Restorations taking much more time.

I'm particular about parts. Can I pick out what i want used in my repair?
Yes, we welcome your input on materials used. You can either provide the parts yourself, or have us order a particular item. If we have to order something it will obviously add to the time we will need to have your repair, but we don't mind.

How will I know when my repair is complete?
Our register system sends out both a Text message and a Email. If you are unable to pick up you repair for a couple weeks, that's no problem at all. We will keep it safe.  However after 3 Months we will consider it abandoned and the item be but up for sale.

Should I call and check on my repair from time to time?
No. You will be wasting both of our time by doing this. If we run into an issue during repair, we will call you and formulate a resolution. We have never lost an instrument, or accidentally sold an instrument, or secretly destroyed an instrument, or whatever your worried about. It is safe with us!

Do you do Factory Warranty work?
Yes we are a Service Center for Fender FMIC, Taylor Guitars, Marshall, Orange, Mesa Boogie, Roland, and a few smaller companies. Please provide a copy of your original receipt when dropping off Warranty repairs.

Are there any brands you won't service?
No, we will take a look at anything. However, Behringer and Line 6 products are mostly unservicable for us.

Can you service my Stereo Reciever?
We do not service any stereo equipment, VCRs, TVs, Computers, Turntables, Car Stereo equipment, Drones/RC cars etc. We service Guitars, Amps, Keyboards, PA Equipment, Recording equipment, and Effects.